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    Ginástica Natural: Snake movement without use of arms

    By Álvaro Romano A – Lie down with your arms backwards, as Alvaro Romano demonstrates in the...

    Roger Gracie teaches a detail so you don’t lose the guillotine

    Kyra, Leão Teixeira and Roger in 2011. Marcelo Dunlop In 2011, during Kyra Gracie’s camp preparing for the London...

    BJJ Stars returns July 25 with no live audience — here’s the pay-per-view line-up

    Even as the coronavirus rages in Brazil, Fepa Lopes, an experienced martial arts event promoter, has been working...

    “3 lessons I learned from sparring with the great MMA idols”

    Minotauro and Damasceno after high-impact training in the mid-2000s. Personal archive.  For ten years working as a Jiu-Jitsu...

    Strengthen your abs and lumbar region with these exercises you can do at home

    Carlos Arthur Jr. Today we bring you GFTeam’s Alex Souto Maior, who has a PhD in physiology and a...

    What do you, Jordan, Pelé and Bustamante have in common?

    Murilo Bustamante throws punches to win his UFC belt. Susumu Nagao/GRACIEMAG archives By Marcelo Dunlop In a live interview...

    Learn the solo drills Julia Boscher has been doing at home

    You can never have too many ways to stay in shape, so here are the exercises the black-belt...

    What Bernardo Faria believes will make you an expert in Jiu-Jitsu

    They say that you should fear not the man who knows ten thousand kicks, but rather the man...

    Video series: Make a BJJ dummy and drill solo

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    Ginástica Natural: Control your breathing

      By Álvaro Romano Starting this month, we’ll touch on the subject of greatest importance to Jiu-Jitsu...

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    Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder trilogy fight in talks with Chinese and Australian venues

    var brightcoveBrandsafety='4 Sport and specialist news – passed for ad targeting' Tyson Fury is still hopeful of fulfilling his trilogy fight with...

    Ginástica Natural: Snake movement without use of arms

    By Álvaro Romano A – Lie down with your arms backwards, as Alvaro Romano demonstrates in the photo. B – Try to...

    “There’s nothing Harper does better!” – Tasha Jonas nears peak condition for World Title shot

    Natasha Jonas visits Performance Nutritionist Scott Robinson ahead of her biggest fight to date in the pro game. Jonas remains on track for August 7th's World Title shot against Terri Harper at Matchroom HQ #FightCamp #HarperJonas #TashaJonasSubscribe for updates:

    Video – UWW LIVE: Olympic Champion Taha AKGUL (TUR)

    Akgul joined Eric Olanowski to talk about recovery from shoulder surgery and his path from flag bearer at the ’11 World Championships to winning Olympic gold in Rio. He also shared a story about training in America with Kyle SNYDER (USA) and gave his prediction for who he thinks will win if “Captain America” and J’den COX (USA) collide.Don't miss a move :

    Blind porn streamers aided by voice of former Bellator commentator Sean Wheelock

    Former Bellator commentator Sean Wheelock is bringing his play-by-play talents to the world of online pornography, hooking up with to help visually-impaired streamers...


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