GLORY 71: Andrew Navickis v Thomas Jenkins

    Andrew Navickis takes on Thomas Jenkins in this GLORY 71 Super Fight. 2019.11.22

    This video was originally published on GLORY Kickboxing

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    GLORY 71: Andrew Navickis v Thomas Jenkins

    Andrew Navickis takes on Thomas Jenkins in this GLORY 71 Super Fight. 2019.11.22

    Be a Climate Champion – Clean your Environment

    In these challenging times we have to come together more than ever, as a mark of solidarity, unity and respect for our sport and we need to share our judo values worldwide.Following the Great8 initiative and the JudoFit Kids Golden League held last year, from today on and in the months to come, we are proud to launch a new and innovative online contest for the whole judo community, called 'Climate Champion.'In this contest children, parents, clubs, national federations and continental unions from all over the world are invited to visit our platform, click on 'Climate Champion' and perform our actions/challenges. By doing so, you can help us to perform each one of our IJF Climate Champion actions/challenges, meant to guarantee a cleaner and safer planet for all of us.By participating in these challenges, our judo community members can set goals and earn green trophies and green cards, together with surprise cards and messages from our champions and climate ambassadors.We are aiming at the whole judo family, all around the world, being familiar with the issues of global warming, carbon footprints, the theme of reducing and recycling, with a view to addressing them together.Together we will inspire and motivate the judo family and the world to build a safer and cleaner environment.Our first challenge is now available, 'Clean your nvironment' is the first action you can do to become a Climate Champion!#judoclimatechampion #judoclimate #judoactions #judogreen #strongertogether hashtags.

    Be a Climate Champion: Challenge 1, Clean your environment – UZB

    Look what young Uzbek judoka did in Tashkent to participate in the 'Clean your environment' challenge as part of the competition

    Video – #WrestleHammamet GR Top Performer: Mohamed METWALLY 🇪🇬

    #WrestleHammamet GR Top Performer: Mohamed METWALLY 🇪🇬Metwally qualified Egypt for the Olympic Games at 87kg with four dominating wins in Tunisia. He shut out Mohamed MISSAOUI 🇹🇳 and Aziz BOUALEM (MAR)🇲🇦 before pinning Edward LESSING 🇿🇦 to earn Egypt's Olympic berth.Metwally's Road to Gold: df. Bachir SID AZARA 🇩🇿, via inj. default. df. Edward LESSING 🇿🇦, via fall df. Aziz BOUALEM (MAR)🇲🇦, 3-0 df. Mohamed MISSAOUI 🇹🇳, 8-0Don't miss a move :