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    Video – UWW Academy Launches Three New Programmes

    Periodization in Planning, Coaching Philosophy and Programme Development are the three programmes that launched in English on Wednesday morning. For more details on the educational courses and resources that the UWW Academy has to offer, please visit Don't miss a move :

    Barbara Matic absent at Grand Prix Zagreb, Kumric in shape

    Barbara Matic won’t be able to fight at the maiden Grand Prix in Zagreb next week. Matic was advised not to fight due to...

    Life and career of Daria Bilodid: the youngest 2-time World champion

    In 2018, Ukraine's Daria Bilodid became the youngest judo World champion in the sport's history, winning a gold medal at just 17. After her...

    Basic Rules of Judo

    Judo is a martial art game that was developed in October 1860. The introduction of the play accompanied deliberate research in Japan by Professor...

    A Brief History of Judo

    From Olympic events, movies and even Japanese animation, Judo as a sophisticated martial art form has garnered much fame and recognition throughout the world....

    Video – Does Jordan Burroughs have the best double leg in the world?! – UWW Tech Breakdown

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    Leader Khamenei confirm again Iran’s position against Israel in sports

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reasserted the Islamic republic’s longstanding ban on competitive sport with Israelis, and promised support for athletes disciplined by...

    Video – Big Move Monday — The Best Slowmotions From #WrestleNursultan Worlds 2019

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    Judo Grand Prix Zagreb pure promotion of talent

    From 24-26 September Zagreb is the judoheart of the world organizing the eight Grand Prix in Croatia, seven times in the Croatian capital, the...

    Video – Victoria Anthony pancakes Vinesh – UWW Tech Breakdown

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