JudoInside – News – Somon Makhmadbekov and Shodmon Rizoev celebrate final with homecrowd

JudoInside – News – Somon Makhmadbekov and Shodmon Rizoev celebrate final with homecrowd

The Tajik fighters showed their face this weekend at the Grand Prix in Dushanbe, with the unwavering support of their public. In the U81kg category, the success was therefore double since both Somon Makhmadbekov (third in the Tashkent Grand slam 2023) and Shodmon Rizoev (second in the Asian Senior Championships 2022) qualified for the final, after having eliminated all the competition, in a category that is always strongly contested.

The first, Somon Makhmadbekov defeated Giacomo Gamba (ITA), the son of famous Italian Olympic champion Ezio Gamba, while Shodmon Rizoev eliminated German judoka Tim Gramkow.

Just before the final, the stadium lit up with hundreds of lights to welcome the finalists. In the end, the result itself was not important. For the record, Somon Makhmadbekov won the gold medal and Shodmon Rizoev the silver. What we will never forget is the crazy atmosphere that invaded the venue and that made this 100% Tajik final a great moment of sport and celebration.

Author of a very good competition, Ibrahim Keita (FRA) qualified for the first match for a bronze medal against Tim Gramkow (GER) and he quickly took the lead with a first waza-ari from a counter-attack, while Gramkow was also penalised with a shido. As the end of the contest was approaching, Keita performed a second great technique, a sumi-gaeshi to conclude with an ippon that sent the public to heaven.

The audience cheered for Ibrahim Keita like he was a local judoka, showing incredible fair play and a passion for spectacular judo wherever it comes from. Ibrahim Keita could enjoy the occasion for a few minutes, interacting with the pubic and taking selfies to celebrate his first grand prix medal. This is something special.

Anri Egutidze (POR) and Giacomo Gamba (ITA) had to decide among themselves who would complete the podium. After the third penalty went to Gamba, Egutidze could enjoy the bronze medal.

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