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Like in other sports, the Grand Slam events are one of the highest-ranking events where many Judo legends have competed in. The Tokyo Judo grand slam event, as held by the International Judo Federation, is one of the tournaments in the series of grand slam events that include the Olympic games, World Championships, and World Masters.

This year alone has seen seven grand slam tournaments with different categories for judokas. For the Tokyo event formerly known as Jigoro Kano Cup Tokyo International Judo Tournament, there are several available sports betting on Judo that make it easy to enjoy and be entertained by the different weight categories.

The Tokyo Grand Slam is an international, entertaining, and competitive Judo tournament slated for the third and the fourth of December, about a fortnight from now. The event, which is one of its kind, will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and will see the faces of 316 competitors consisting of 194 men and 122 women.

The Host – Japan

The hosts being Japan, are  of the top performers in the Judo tournament and also has a significant history that is tied to Judo and a similar sport called Sumo wrestling.  So it is always nice to see a country like Japan that finds Judo valuable and cultural as a host. This year's event is also sure not to be the last as plans are already in motion to ensure that the event is hosted beyond 2022 and beyond.

Judoka, who are going to participate, will be looking to go the length to ensure they garner maximum points for their ranking and also win a medal where possible. In the guide, we  break down the top-ranking judoka and the expectations we have for them in the tournament.

Davlat Bobonov

Currently the world number one with 6134 total points, Bobonov Davlat is a formidable opponent to face in any Judo contest, and it is expected that Uzbekistan will garner a medal in the Tokyo tournament, having secured the Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the grand slam event this year.  The Judoka who fights in the 90 kg division a category has been drawn against twenty-five other contingents.

Temur Rakhimov

Rakhimov Temur is also number one in the +100 kg category and is another top performer to watch. For this year's event, he will be looking to represent  Tajikistan and do better than the bronze medal he won at the previous grand slam event. For this year's tournament in Tokyo, Rakhimov will be looking to triumph over thirteen other heavyweights.

Tsend-Ochir Tsogtbaatar

Tsend-ochir Tsogtbaatar from Mongolia is another skillful Judoka to add to the watchlist. Aside from being a top professional, he is currently the number two fighter in the 73 kg category. Tsend-ochir, who hails from Mongolia, is looking to build on his form for the tournament after coming first in the Tashkent World Championships Senior 2022, held in October.

There Are Also Female Judoka To Watch Out For

Miriam Butkereit

In the female category Miriam Butkereit , who hails from Germany, is one hell of a fighter. She currently fights in 70 kg and polls 720 points, having secured 5th position at Tashkent World Championships Senior 2022. At the earlier Grand Slam championship this year, she ended on the podium, coming in 3rd place.

Anna-Maria Wagner

Anna Maria Wagner, a compatriot to Miriam, is also looking to bolster the hope of her country's performance in the mixed and individual weight category of 78 kg. She currently holds the second position in the World Judo ranking despite finishing seventh at the Tashkent World Championships Senior 2022.


The prize money, as made officially available, totaled up to €154,000. It is expected that 137 competitors will jostle in different weight categories for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze. As a reward, the Gold medallist will get €4,000, Silver for €2400 and Bronze €1200. At the same time, the coaches of each medallist get €1000, €600, and €300, respectively.

Just before the Tokyo Grand Slam championship, there will be the European Club Championships, the Champions League for men and women. No points to gain there for the World Ranking but the team spirit is always great to follow.

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