Why You Should Try Betting on Judo Online

    Why You Should Try Betting on Judo Online

    26 Nov 2020 07:30

       Paco Lozano / Judo y Otros


    With the Olympic Games ahead of us, the world of Judo is looking forward to see the best stars in Tokyo within 240 days. Online sports betting during the Olympic Games continues to expand and evolve, and we have seen how it could adapt to changing times, especially during the pandemic. Now, more types of sports and betting fans can watch and play as most sportsbooks move their bets digitally, also in judo

    Because of many sports betting and tipster sites like ProTipster, many types of sports have gained attention and a decent following after coming into the spotlight.

    Among these sports, judo is slowly but surely climbing to the top in the online sports betting industry. Judo is a popular TV sport and the coverage is well done by many cameras and even the 360 camera was introduced last year.  Because of the sports' interesting and exciting elements, judo has drawn a diverse market of bettors in the online betting industry. If you’re not convinced, consider the following reasons why you should bet on judo.

    The sport offers interesting types of bets

    Although judo is still developing in the online betting industry, it has still garnered a lot of attention. Usually, bookmakers and judo betting fans gather when it’s time for large judo sporting events such as the Olympics and the World and European Championships held last week with some surprising results.

    If you want to try your hands on judo betting, here are three popular bets that you can start with:

    • Bet on the match

    It’s a popular type of judo bet that’s pretty straightforward. Bettors only need to choose who will win between the two judo players in a match. To win this one, you would need to brush up on judo’s rules and check the players’ background and condition before and during the match. It’s a simple bet but with a 50-50 chance of winning.

    • Bet on top 3

    This one’s another simple and straightforward game. As the name suggests, bettors have to guess the players who will rank in the top three. Despite the simple mechanics, this would require bettors thorough research on the players and matches and would have to keep track of the whole competition to be able to bet and win this.

    • Outright winner

    For this one, bettors will have to predict who will win the entire competition correctly. This type of judo bet is recommended for professional bettors who know the sport and follow judo competitions.

    It’s a whole new world for most avid sports bettors

    Most sports betting fans bet on popular games like football, basketball, baseball, and the likes. However, it’s very rare to hear Judo come up within the betting industry. That’s why for avid betting fans who like exploring different types of betting matches, Judo proves to be an interesting sport.

    If you’re curious about the sport and betting on it, here are some things that you should pay attention to:

    • Judoka information

    As with other sports, player information is an important part of one’s research. However, in judo, it's crucial information as it will directly affect your choice. Unlike team sports like football or baseball, judo only looks at two players battling it out to win the competition. When researching judoka, most bettors consider their preparation methods, techniques, and even personal information, anything that could affect their performance during a match.

    • Previous contests

    Part of researching information about players is looking at past contests. Look at their competitors, the match result, and anything that can give you better odds. 

    • Overall condition

    Check for a player’s physical and psychological condition before, during, and after matches. In judo, a strong mind and body usually result in success. So if a player’s body isn’t feeling well or if their mind is distracted, that immediately lowers your chances of winning a bet.

    • The best athletes

    We know top athletes such as Shohei Ono, Teddy Riner, Daria Bilodid, but the real art of betting is to estimate the right winner at the major events. Especially after the corona break this is very tough as we don't know yet the form of each player. We saw different results at the European Championships and so we will see some surprises when it comes to Olympic level with much more different environmental circumstances. You can wonder

    • Is Shohei Ono also cool in own house in Tokyo

    • Can Bilodid sustain the pressure and keep her weight of 48kg 

    • Will the current World Champions at the Budokan also play a role in 2021

    • Who are the ones on form who can surprise the elite in the prelims

    • Who are the dark horses who might snatch an unexpected medal

    It’s the next biggest thing.

    Believe it or not, there will soon come a day when judo will become the next biggest sport in online betting. Because of its intense yet exciting matches that could end in minutes, bettors will soon bet on judo on online betting sites and bookmakers. Moreover, prestigious tournaments like the Olympics offer a tighter and more unpredictable match, allowing bookmakers to offer more options to bet on and enabling bettors to win more earnings.


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