Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley return negative drug tests following boxing match in Ohio

    Six fighters from the recent Showtime card headlined by Jake Paul and ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley were drug tested and all came back negative following the event held in Cleveland.

    Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato confirmed the news to MMA Fighting on Tuesday.

    The six fighters who were tested include Paul, Woodley, Amanda Serrano, Yamileth Mercado, Charles Conwell and Juan Carlos Rubio. The latter two fights both featured titles on the line, which is why they underwent drug testing from the commission.

    There had been questions about whether or not the main event competitors would be tested leading up to the event, especially concerning Paul and Woodley considering they were fighting without a title on the line.

    Ultimately, both Paul and Woodley submitted to fight night testing from the commission with both athletes returning negative tests.

    Prior to the fight, Woodley had lobbed cheating accusations at Paul when they were doing a face-to-face interview ahead of the event. Paul questioned Woodley’s conditioning, which led to the exchange where the former UFC champion made the accusation.

    “I didn’t take steroids like you did. So, I guess run, treadmill, cardio,” Woodley said when answering about his conditioning for the fight.

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