Video: Lukasz Borowski suffers gruesome ear injury at FEN show

    (Warning: Post contains video and photos of graphic injury)

    They always to protect your neck, but maybe now it’s time for fighters to start protecting their ears?

    On Saturday, Lukasz Borowski nearly lost his ear in the middle of his fight with Pawel Trybala at a Fight Exclusive Night show in Lodz, Poland. Early in the second round, the referee noticed that the bloody organ was hanging off the side of Borowski’s head and he quickly moved to have the injury examined.

    Trybala, who improved to 7-3 with the win, actually landed a couple of hard shots to the side of Borowski’s head before the referee intervened. Fortunately for Borowski, the bout was waved off before any further damage could occur.

    Borowski is the third fighter in six weeks to nearly lose his ear. At a Taura MMA show on Oct. 23, Johnny Campbell’s left ear was ravaged in a bout against Ary Farias, and two weeks later it was Ramiz Brahimaj who suffered a similar injury in a loss to Max Griffin at UFC Vegas 13.

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