What’s next for Tyron Woodley

    It is becoming a common phenomenon for champions to experience losses as they age, as witnessed in the ultimate fighting championship. Tyron Woodley isn’t spared either as the 38-year old former champion has had to come to terms with three losses in a row. For mixed martial arts fans who watched the last fight through platforms such as witnessed the shoddy performance of Tyron Woodley against Colby Covington. Serious questions need to be asked here as it entails his future career in Mixed martial arts.

    Looking at some of his past victories, he was once a welterweight champion who recorded exhilarant performances in the ring. So could Tyron Woodley be considering retiring from Mixed martial arts? Is it too late for him to redeem his lost glory? What does the future hold for him as is halfway to his 39th birthday?

    After the weekend fight, he stated that he was not ready to retire, and he isn’t going to give up any day soon. He further reiterated that no changes would happen in regards to his coaches and all that involves him. It also entails the country he lives, places of residence, among other factors. He just said the fight didn’t work in his favor, and he doesn’t know why. He left his fans in suspense, waiting what might happen next.

    Could Sentiments from Various Stakeholders Influence His Retirements?

    During the match, Woodley got his rib broken, which was a reason to halt the match. However, the UFC president says that Tryon was already overwhelmed in the game. His sentiments think that it is about time Tyron retired from the ring.

    However, Woodley isn’t yet ready to end his career following his last performance against Covington. It wasn’t a good performance that was full of setbacks. People witnessed Woodley let out a loud cry for the last fight to prevent experiencing any further damage. It was evident that heading to the fifth and final round; and he just wasn’t in shape. Woodley is set to compete again to recover the lost glory. Despite criticisms from the UFC president, who strongly disagrees that time is up, the champion considers quitting the ring. Losing three consecutive fights is just a disgrace.

    Further, it will be hard for Woodley to think about the right move to make sense, for the past, he had experienced a great race and made money, but with the recent outcomes, it might be time to say ‘goodbye.’

    What Leads to Consideration of Retirement?

    It is evident that with the state that Woodley is currently, then there are minimal chances he can survive fights from much hungrier and up-coming fighters. The best thing for him is to shelve himself as a ladder from which they can ascend to victory. Some past champions have had the same happening to them.

    So if he considers retirement, then he will be the most dominant champion. It is one memorable route a champion would choose given the streak of losses as he ages on. Although he disagrees, can say that is what his future really should be.

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